River Mole

RIVER MOLE – Norbury Park

This is our main stretch of the river and is at Mickleham, halfway between Leatherhead and Dorking. It has excellent free parking facilities at Young Street car park giving easy access to the river.

The stretch is just over two miles long and is fairly shallow with a very large head of chub.

It also contains good numbers of roach, some dace, perch, bream and a good number of pike.  Recent catches included a whopping 5lb perch a specimen 6lb chub and a huge 13lb barbel with pleasure bags approaching 50 lbs being taken on occasion.

It fishes very well from September onwards and is at it’s best when there is colour and pace on the water, particularly when it is fining down after a flood. It really can be a superb winter fishery when many of the other rivers and still waters in the area have slowed down.

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One thought on “River Mole

  1. Geoff B

    Chub can be caught using match tactics using a trotted stick float or waggler feeding maggot or caster and attracting the fish to where you want them. Others favour a roving approach light legering larger baits such as worm, cheese or even slug. Best time is as river fines down following high water but before the water goes gin clear. Frost overnight doesn’t help. Typical chub lies are in moving water with cover so the ‘bomb hole’ that you mention is not normally a favoured spot. Perch and pike are less prolific but small lures are worth a try as is dead bait for pike. The pike tend to wait in the slacks when the water is clear watching the bait fish move in the adjacent fast water. Take the right kit for predator fishing – forceps, wire trace etc. Give it a go.

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