Our Waters

Long Copse
Two ponds totalling one and a quarter acres, situated at the junction of Eastwick drive and Spring Grove in Great Bookham, Surrey. The ponds are easily accessible from the road with ample parking
River Mole Norbury ParkRiver Mole
The club controls two stretches of the river Mole. The longest runs for over two miles through Norbury Park, from Young street in Leatherhead to Mickelham Bridge in Dorking. The second stretch runs through Fetcham and is a wilder stretch of the river.
Ashted Park
Two ponds situated in the beautiful surroundings of Ashtead Park. The Wildlife Pond is our largest lake of two and a half acres and is full of surprises. The Rookery pond is close by and is very popular with our family members.
Stubpond FisheryAffiliated Fisheries
Our affiliated fisheries are Willinghurst and Morehouse Farm, offering very good discounts on normal daily fees representing excellent value and worth the membership fee alone.

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One thought on “Our Waters

  1. Geoff B

    Regarding Justin’s enquiry, the Ashtead ponds are the more challenging of our fisheries, with sizeable tench being caught in the larger pond by the patient angler. A few only carp are present and a small number of very small pike. Our Long Copse ponds are available to those wanting to catch carp to order. The larger pike are present in our river stretches in small numbers and are best fished for in winter using a variety of methods but livebaiting is disallowed.

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