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Erwin was not in the Junior competition today but should have won a prize for landing this 9.10lb carp after 25 minutes on the pole. Well done Erwin

Erwin with carp

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    Just caught my 1st River Mole Carp 30/08/15 near to the Norbury Car Park stretch around 8lb , the fish was spotless and very strong . I have seen Carp in the water before but never seen one come out , I hope this is sign that Carp are establishing themselves in the water

  2. Paul Bradley

    Happy new year. First of all, just to inform you of two areas of the mole where I’ve fairly regularly have caught crayfish, two caught November. Also like to say New Year’s Day had chub of 3lb and 5lb from Young Street stretch
    Tight lines
    Paul Bradley

  3. gordon nicholas : "nick"

    hi to all im a re-joining member after 4-5 year absense glad to be back on doctors orders !! (thats another story).
    i got caught up in the world of carp fishing searching for the illusive redmire monster of our dreams plus buying a boat in the view of fishing on the grand union canal unfortunately after being made redundant last year ive sold the boat i didnt do any fishing either but enjoyed cruising on the canal and thames.
    point being ive got carp rods reels and other gear i want to get rid of as im concentrating on pleasure and match fishing more not the illusive monsters!
    if any one is intrested id rather sell to a club member than some one i dont know all gear well looked after !! also would like to meet up with a fishing buddie so we can try differant venues as i cant drive through ill health no more and have to rely on the long suffering wife will share fuel costs etc no probsthanks for reading and look forward to meeting you on the bank sometime tight lines!

  4. DaveB Post author

    Hi Nick
    Good to hear form you. I have re-posted your email on our Facebook site so you should get some interest from members soon. I will also put your request for a fishing buddy in our next Newsletter in June.

  5. gordon nicholas : "nick"

    thanks dave it would be good to get a good social scene running within the club that would encourage more help with work parties
    also more awareness of who members are and who not helping to police our waters from unwanted abuse maybe we could approach a pub or club within the leatherhead area with a view to meeting there im sure all these ideas have been tried in the past i look forward to meeting you at some stage
    gordon nicholas “nick”

  6. Doug Pollard

    Hello LDAS members

    My name is Doug Pollard, I live in Victoria, British Columbia, having been in Canada since emigrating here in 1967. I joined LDAS in 1956, while still living in Wimbledon. At Easter that year I took the train to Chilworth, where I caught four small brown trout on the dry fly in the Tillingbourne, a gorgeous piece of water that was sadly lost to a commercial trout fishery of muddy ponds. Our family moved to Bookham later that year, and I had two very good years with the club until I went off to Wales to study trout fishing, rock climbing and Botany. No more LDAS for me, but I am still in touch with former member Brian Clark, who now lives in Lincs. Like many members of the club, Brian worked with the GPO in those days, and stuck with BT until he retired around the same the time as myself.

    I still fish, for trout, steelhead and salmon, and occasionally sturgeon, which in the Fraser River get truly monstrous, perhaps exceeding 1000 lb. I write a bit for magazines, and have a book on a locally made fishing reel, the Peetz. But my most enduring piece was something you may wear now and again, the LDAS members badge. It was one Basil Gawthop who suggested having a mole at its centre. I wear mine on special occasions.

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